This publication was intended as a vehicle of reverie for the waning days of the automobile, to bridge the gap between Lamborghini Miuras and scramjet-powered hypersonic jetliners that transform into ekranoplans at will. It was not a car blog. Hyperleggera was active between June 2008 and October 2009, and was created by the people listed below.

Hispano-Suiza Diomedea at takeoff. Concept art: Csaba “Max” Zsilvölgyi


Peter Orosz. Photo: Ervin Sperla

Peter Orosz

— editor

A medical diploma and a string of odd jobs—NIH volunteer, stockbroker, game designer, salesman, motoring journalist, video presenter—have not kept him from trying to understand the singular magic of Sixties machinery. He is fascinated by giant squid.

Balázs Fenyő. Photo: Self-portrait

Balázs Fenyő

— photographer

He commands developers by day and does the magic with photographs by night. See his digital work at Indafotó and his medium-format work at 645, his personal site. If he catches you double-dip a tortilla chip, he will crush you.

Nickolas Kulczak

Nickolas Kulczak

— American correspondent

If those hallucinations of blue bunnies have ever driven you to seek help, you may already know him. You’ll find him detangling the brains of Pennsylvanian crazies in the ER or ensnaring himself in late-night automotive subcultures.

Máté Petrány. Photo: Self-portrait

Máté Petrány

— London correspondent

When not brewing espressos, our UK man stalks the supercar-saturated streets of Russian oligarchs with camera in hand. Loaded up with his prey, he returns home to perfect cyanoacrylate-based hair products.

Natalie Polgar. Photo: Balázs Fenyő

Natalie Polgar

— executive producer

They say she makes killer tiramisù, wears Chinese silk scarves as blouses and has had her amygdala hormonally modified. All we know is she solves problems, drives wicked fast and disguises herself as Marilyn Monroe on Fridays.